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・content of study



・Student support system





・parent company






Be a bridge linking people to people, nation to nation

President Masumi Miura 

 The sunlight shines upon everyone, anywhere without discrimination. People of the world have to cooperate by overcoming the difference of race, religion, color, language so that everyone can share the grace of the sun equally. Aladdin Japanese Language Institute has been established to bring up the manpower to promote the cooperation beyond the borders of the world.

 We support the students who are willing to learn Japanese Language as the means of communication, and help you cultivate the virtue to become keypersons of the global cooperation.  I hope each student of our school  will study to meet our expectations and lay himself/herself as a bridge over the world.

Sunheart Company Limited, the parent company of the school

 Sunheart Company Limited has been specialized in managing nursing facilities such as homes for the aged since its establishment in 1995 and now managing 26 facilities.

 3 principles of the company are: “Sun, warm hearted and equal care like the sunlight. Son, care for the aged like one’s own parent. Thank you, care with thankfulness.” The nursing of the company is highly appreciated by the residents and their families, and by the neighborhoods.

 Now, a little more than 10% of the employees are foreigners from abroad, reflecting the internationalization of the Japanese society. The company decided to establish a Japanese language school to meet the demand of developing human resources to be the bridges connecting nation to nation.



Receive our affection and bring yourself up to fulfil your dream

Principal  Gen Kitagawa 


I believe that the affection to the students is essential at an educational institution.  Aladdin Japanese Language Institute provide the students with love and affection, including whips of love. Bring yourself up and proceed to fulfil your dream while receiving our affections.

[Mission of the school]


The school aims at bringing up capable personnel linking people and people, nation and nation. For this objective, the school will not only train the skills of communication in Japanese, but also nurture the thoughtfulness and sincerity of the students.

[Goals of education]


Enhance the Japanese ability to the level to attend the lectures of the higher education such as universities, colleges and vocational schools, and also achieve the communication ability to be able to adopt oneself in the Japanese society, deepen the understandings on Japanese culture and society, nourish the morality to become the linkage of the nation to nation.

[Advantage of the school]


The school is established by Sunheart Company, Ltd., which has more than 20 years of experience in managing nursing homes for the elderly. Thus, for the students who are aiming to become care workers have the advantage of experiencing the nursing homes for elderly by visiting the homes and even working as a part-time worker at the homes.



Courses and their capacity

 April enrollment
2 classes 40 students

Application period  :  from 1st August to 31st October, previous year

October enrollment

1 class 20 students

Application period  :  from 1st February to 30th March





□1st year

1st sem  April to June
              [Shokyu I]"Minna no Nihongo"I
and others

              (N5 level)
2nd sem July to September
              [Shokyu II]"Minna no Nihongo" I II and others

3rd sem October to December
              [Shokyu III]"Minna no Nihongo" II and others

4th sem January to March 
              [Chukyu I]"Chukyu he ikou" and others

              (N3 level)

□2st year

1st sem  April to June
              [Chukyu II]"Chukyu wo manabou" and others

              (N2 level)
2nd sem July to September
              [Chukyu III] as above

3rd sem October to December
              [Jokyu I] as above

4th sem January to March
              [Jokyu II]"Chukyu kara Jokyu heno NIhonngo"

              and others



School expenses

Students supporting system of Aladdin Japanese Language Institute

The office staffs and instructors will respond in your mother tongues


〒133-0057 Nishikoiwa3-31-15, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

Phone:+81 3-6806-9118 (03-6806-9118)
FAX:+81 3-6806-9119 (03-6806-9119)

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